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I'm going to translate everything for you… in the field of IT challenges!

After years of experience and growth as a professional in the IT sector, it is now time for me to use this combined knowledge as an entrepreneur for other entrepreneurs. Exactly; This year I started my own company under the name White Wolf Project Management.

How am I going to make a difference? White Wolf Project Management translates complex (IT) business challenges into flexible customization by using understandable language and intuitive IT business solutions.

Do not look for the best sports car, but first ask why the desire for sports cars exists, maybe you have the need for an off-road vehicle ...

Whether it is IT management or IT project management; White Wolf is your trusted advisor who does not look for the most suitable package but for the best possible solution.

And I will tell you more about this on my website or in a short introductory meeting, in which I would like to explain how I can make a difference in an open, honest and transparent manner.


Sr. Project Manager

Jory Steenaart Commvault

It was fantastic to work with Paul in the delivey of large and complex international programs and projects. Paul has excellent expertise in leadership and coaching and is a very dedicated, self motivated, reliable and very capable forward thinking program/project manager.

Business Manager

John van Lieshout, Eporta

Paul is quick and accurate on gaining insight in customer's needs and wants and the possibilities that can be gained from those and how to succesfully apply them. On a personal level I'd say he's fun, easy-going and with sound interest. 


Jeroen van Oosterhout, T-Systems

Paul is a sr project manager who holds a serious package of technical insight from his experience in the past. He has great project management skills which he uses in depth, is very friendly and gentle - but straight forward - to work with and manages well customer expectations as his own team. 


Adam Brockest, Flowr Company

Paul and I worked together for several years on both customer-facing projects/programs as well as building out a global PMO. During this time, he constantly proved himself to be both a highly disciplined Project Manager and an organizational leader. His professionalism in times of pressure is second to none. He works equally well with technology innovators and business leaders. His strong work ethic and commitment to the organization would be him a great asset to any team.

At Your Service - Together. We. Deliver. Project. Success.

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